Delivering the highest professional standards and world-class results since 1996, Auburn Properties offers the full slate of institutional real estate services, insight and value to the private sector, governments, sovereigns and large financials. 

Our services include:
Acquisition Asset Disposition Brownfield Remediation Business Opportunities Consulting Debt Restructure Joint-venture resolution Leasing Loan origination/ Servicing Participation Asset Management Property Management Residential Development Sales Trust Assignments Underwriting Valuation

Typically we market a property as-is, where-is. Occasionally, a property truly warrants rehabilitation. In special instances, we’ll finish the project, maximize market appeal and complete the transaction. With Auburn as your ally, you’ll achieve more, faster. Contact us for details.

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Institutional loans and REO

A lender’s balance sheet can benefit from a quick resolution to a troubled asset. Once a loan becomes a scheduled item, disclosure, accounting and asset reserves all convert to weight upon the balance sheet. Restructuring troubled loans before they become delinquent can save reporting, time and money.
Handling REO (Real Estate Owned) requires a slightly different skillset. Institutional assets need supervision and prospective buyers often need mentoring. The seller has never used the property and cannot disclose its deficiencies. The property is sold in its as-is, where-is condition without warranty either expressed or implied, including the roof, the foundation, the structure, its utility systems or other components of the property. The owner is often distant and relies on its agent to minimize shelf life by selling the asset quickly and quietly.

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Auburn has extensive experience in helping both lenders resolve troubled assets and buyers acquire institutional assets. Our NNN run-rate is 101%. We have the expertise to help:

  • resolve complex participation, joint venture, subsidiary/ parent company ownership interests enabling the surviving entity to exercise control over its wholly owned interest
  • achieve sophisticated workouts involving extraordinary compromise circumstances and diverse goals
  • divest a portfolio, or gain a new one.

Our institutional services include REO services, portfolio management, and real property and troubled asset disposition.

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